Before and After Favorites

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stella's Vintage Green Dresser!

 So I know for a fact that I took a before picture of this dresser. However, I can't find it anywhere! Not on my phone, not on either camera, laptop, it's gone! Boo!! At least I have the after pics, right? This adorable vintage dresser is for the cutest little girl named Stella. How cute is her name?

 I went back and forth on EVERYTHING for this dresser. I tried multiple colors, three sets of hardware (and eventually went back to the originals), distressed it lightly, then decided to add more. Even the hubby helped on this one.
I think it was worth it though! I love how it turned out! These pictures aren't so true to color. It's more of a bright green. I hope she loves it!