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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to repair a hole in a dresser with gorilla glue and kwik wood

Remember this dresser? I was SO excited when I found this on Craigslist. Well, there was one small, but big problem. 
 A large chunk was taken out of the side of the top. UGH! No problem, I thought, my husband can fix it. Well, my husband works, a LOT, so I decided to do some research and fix it myself.
 First I pulled out a clamp and my favorite wood glue, gorilla glue. I only had a couple pieces that went to the hole, so I matched them up and glued them in, clamped it for 24 hours and it looked pretty good. Only problem, there were still huge gapes and holes. Not good. Who wants to display a dresser that looks awful? Not me.
 Then I did lots of research online and decided to repair the remaining holes with kwik wood. It's $5 at Home Depot. It's putty that hardens to give a wood feel.
 It honestly took me 5 minutes to putty the remaining holes and cracks. Remember, I did this ALL by myself. I'm like a proud kindergartener who writes their name for the first time. Once it's painted, it will look as good as new.
 I'm REALLY anxious to paint this one. I'm trying a couple of new techniques. I also get to use my NEW spray gun for the FIRST time. My awesome Brother-in-law Mark gave me a full on class to teach me how to use it. I'm SOOO excited!!! My husband did an amazing job by buying it for Christmas.
 I can't wait to show you the final product. It's going to be two-toned. Oh and the putty dries and is ready to paint in ONE HOUR! AMAZING!!!!!!
Hope all of you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS! If you check my blog, I've been gone for two weeks on an incredible vacation to visit our family and friends in Utah. ;) I have a LOT coming up for you!

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