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Friday, January 13, 2012

Media Station

I wish I would have taken an actual before picture! Ugh! Anyway, this pink dresser has been in our family room for awhile. It was never meant for this room, but I could never sell it (seriously, I had 3 offers, but I couldn't sell the dang thing. I love it! I'm saving it for my daughters room). So, I've been looking for something to take its place. The colors in the family room are white, brown, and robin egg blue. 
I found this piece and didn't love it. Then I kept looking at it and suddenly it hit me. This is the perfect size for my little wall and I could really use a laptop station. Perfect! I also love that it doesn't have a lot of detail (shocking, right?) I didn't want it to compete with my dresser with a lot of detail, so I needed something simple. Saweet!
No wonder someone got rid of this, who puts handles not even close to the same color on a piece like this? LOL
 I've been wanting to paint a piece grey for-e-ver. This was the piece! Grey it went. I roughed it up quite a bit and put on a walnut glaze.
 I love the curvy legs. Subtle but pretty. Reminds me of a cottage. I love cottages.. I wish I could create an amazing cottage. Sorry, sidetracked.

 I've had this hardware in my garage for months. It was just what this piece needed. Love them!!
 I love the glaze with the grey.
 Nothing like a pretty antiqued piece.
 The stained undertones worked wonderfully for the look I wanted.
I've been missing in action for a little while. I set a LOT of goals a couple of months ago and I've been working REALLY hard on achieving them. I've decided I can't be toned, organized, crafty, a good mom and a good wife AND be lazy. They just don't work together well. Dang!
Anyway, I've been getting rid of a lot of stuff. While going through boxes in the garage, I found the above picture of my husband and I in a box. I love this picture. It's so tender to me.
Today I finished ALL of my Valentine's projects. I'll post them tomorrow. Much love. xo
PS, I'm still anxious to finish painting the french provincial dresser, but I'm waiting for a day warm enough to do it. Or until my garage is cleared out so I have enough room to paint it! Lots to come.


  1. You always amaze me Tonya :-)

  2. Tonya!! I just found this --how did I not know before? I love your work and I am cheering you on. What a lovely cabinet you made~ I love seeing this..Rock on..I will be watching you! Love Nat Ririe

    1. This turned out beautiful! Maybe someday I can have you do the china cabinet in the hall. :)

    2. Natalie!! So glad you found my blog!! how are you friend???

  3. It's really beautiful!! I love love love the color you chose!! What a pretty piece!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my party!!

    Emily @

  4. I WANT THIS!!!! NOW!!! Love it!!!

    1. I will find you one and paint it for you!! All you have to do is come visit.. I'm good at bribing, aren't I? ha ha

  5. What a sweet piece in a great color! It works perfectly in that spot! Thanks so much for joining the party!

    1. Thank you! Love your linky parties and your blog!