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Monday, January 23, 2012

The red two-toned chippy looking dresser staged

So we all remember this recent dresser, right? The above pics are the before and the after (of how I staged it). It's an impressive change, but I definitely didn't do much to stage it. My favorite part is all the junk in my garage in the first pic. Ok, not at all. Those pictures still make me mad! ha ha. Now that I've sold 2 more dressers, the garage is getting cleaned!! I haven't bought anymore furniture just so I can clear it all out!! My house is definitely a work in progress. Speaking of, my bonus room is clean!! Now I'm just trying to decide what color to paint the dresser for it.. Ok, I'm getting sidetracked, like always.

 This is how it looks in my client/friends house! Doesn't it look AMAZING???? I am LOVING that horse!! The red cut-out behind it, the lamps, the little red frame. LOVE IT ALL!!!! If I had a lot of money, Maureen would be staging ALL of my furniture!!! I'm pretty good at painting furniture, but staging is a whole other story. Not so great at it.. I had to share this one with you!!

If you've bought any furniture from me, or if I've inspired or helped you with any projects, send me pictures!!! I want to see it!! You can send them to or my personal e-mail (if you have it;) or on Facebook. I'm loving seeing how you guys are displaying my furniture! I'm like a proud mama.

Common questions about this dresser:
"How did you make it look old?"
I antiqued it with sand paper.

"How did you make it look like the paint was peeling?" "How do you make it look chippy?"
I randomly rubbed vaseline on several different spots before I painted it with red paint, once the red paint was dry I rubbed off the vaseline.

"How did you glaze it?"
I like to glaze by buying water based stain. Once the paint is completely dry, I sponge brush the stain onto the furniture, then wipe it off with a damp rag.

"How do you keep the paint from peeling off?"
I seal in my paint with polyurethane. If I'm painting with dark colors, I use oil based polyurethane. If it's a light colored piece, I use water based polyurethane.

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