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Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to glaze furniture and my favorite stain SOLD

Remember this dresser? Yes, it's been forever! It's been done for a couple months, I just needed my husband to help me carry it out onto the yard to take pictures. Don't be deceived, this dresser is HEAVY! Solid wood and HEAVY! I barely made it the few feet I had to carry it with a couple of breaks. Yikes. This dresser is old and beautiful!
Here it is, painted and primed, ready for the top to be stained. Notice the detail in the middle? I wanted it to really pop and stand out, so I decided to glaze the details.
The way I glaze depends on what I want to stand out. Since I wanted the little nooks and crannies to stand out, I grabbed my favorite minwax stain, tinted to american walnut. I painted it into all of the crevices, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wiped it off with a damp cloth. The stain sinks into all the right spots and I wipe off wherever I don't want it to be. Make sense? Sometimes I glaze the outside of the details, sometimes the inside. If you look at the blue frame I painted, I glaze the outside of the details..
 Anyway, here it is!! So pretty.. I love any dresser with detail. I love this one because the detail isn't overpowering, just right.
 I replaced the middle knobs with these beauties, they matched perfectly and added just the right touch. I love the drawer pulls, they're perfect. Don't you love the flowers?
 I love this dresser. I hope it goes to a good home. ;)
 The top is stained and sealed with poly, the bottom is painted in heirloom white, the hardware is rubbed bronze.
 If you're interested in this piece, leave a comment. I'm going to place it on Craigslist tonight. ;) PS, it's $275
 Love all the storage. This would be a great entertainment console. I love hidden drawers! Perfect for DVD's, remotes, games...
AND, I primed and did the first layer of paint on this dresser. It's going to be two-toned. I found the most gorgeous blue/green paint for the top layer. So excited!


  1. Jeff used to work at a place in Portland that sells antique and reproduction antique hardware....if you are ever looking for something super specific, try

  2. Your dresser looks so pretty! How are you liking Portland? I live in Battle Ground, WA so we are pretty close! My bestie and I are going to thrift stores in Portland today (wish us luck)! Do you have any stores you love? I am just starting on furniture..I have done stuff for my house but I have a space in a shabby store in town so I thought I should do stuff for that as well. Anyhow, keep up the great work!

  3. Thank you! I find a lot of furniture on Craigslist and occasionally find a few at Goodwill. I'll try to hit two Goodwills in one day. Good luck!! I hope you find lots of goodies!! We are enjoying Portland, it's gorgeous! How far away is Battle Ground? We've only lived here 6 months, so we're still getting to know the area..

  4. BG is just north of Vancouver a bit, so about 20 minutes to Portland. We had a crazy day in Portland. It was ummmm...interesting! I think we ended up like going to about 10 stores! I didn't find anything that I was freaking out over, but it was fun for sure! I usually find the best stuff at the Goodwill here in Vancouver, it is one of the outlets so the prices are crazy good.