Before and After Favorites

Friday, September 30, 2011

Antiqued White Dresser

I found this bad boy and they were asking too much. Not to mention, the drawers didn't appear to have tracks and they were assorted in a maze. It looked ridiculous. After studying it, I found that all tracks were in place and sturdy and figured out the order the drawers SHOULD be in and knew it would be a beauty. After some bartering I got it for the price I wanted to pay. Love when that happens! For some reason the pics of the drawers is last, sorry. It won't move. ;)

 I wanted to stain the top, but after some sanding I discovered the top is actually MDF. :( So I decided to go with all white. Yeah, I didn't realize my feet were in this pic. LOL
 The hardware being painted.
 These are all the projects I had going on, and it's night. Don't paint at night. The next day I realized I'd missed several spots and had to re-do. Whoops

 Anyway, I am in love with how this dresser turned out!!! I want to keep it really bad...
 I love the hardware, the antiquing, everything.

One of my cute clients, Tina, bought this dresser. She's fabulous!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Tale of Three Mirrors

I didn't think this blue mirror would be my favorite, but it totally is! I love the two toned look with the white paint showing through with the antiquing. The problem with painting to sell? I want to keep EVERYTHING!

 This mirror came with my French Provincial set. It was going in my master bedroom, but the lady that bought the set wanted the mirror too. Farewell friend...
 I love the lines of this mirror! I stuck with white so it would work in ANY house. I love it...

 I hope someone will lovingly cherish having these in their home.. Geez, they're mirrors. I get so attached to my pieces! They're like puppies to me. I want to keep ALL of them and display them all with pride. So hard to let go.......... Ok, I'll get over it now. Tomorrow a dresser I finished. And YES, I want to keep it soooo bad. But can I really switch entertainment consoles every month??????????????? I want to say yes. Let's see if I can talk the hubs into it...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Aprils desk

My cute friend April told me she wanted to redo her desks, so I came over to help her out. She has the cutest/trendiest house! I love her fun taste of bold colors and fun patterns. For me this was such a huge transformation. Here they are before. Keep in mind these are PINE.

 Don't they look completely different and awesome now??
 She did a LOT of this on her own. I just showed her the ropes for a couple hours. She did awesome!
 I love the contrast of the dark stain with the bright turquoise bottom!
 Love them April! If they dissapear don't come looking at my house. ;)

Robin egg blue French Provincial desk

I finished this french provinical desk last night. Sorry, I literally have no time for staging, so here it is in all its beauty in our nasty garage. This is the first piece I've finished for the boutique at the end of October. I put in new paper in all the drawers. It adds such a feminine, pretty touch.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I've been hoping to find an antique birdcage, and tonight the stars aligned and there it was! Beautiful!!!! I want to paint it a fun, trendy color. Robin egg blue, yellow, turquoise.. Votes?? Ok, let's be honest, only a few people comment on my blog (thank you peeps!) A lot of you comment in person, so tell me, what do you think?!?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gallery Wall

I thought I'd finish a couple projects today, while it's sunny. So I carried out two mirrors, a desk (with my hubbys help) and a bed and headboard. I sanded all of them. Finished one mirror, primed the desk and the other mirror. Then, I threw my back out. Now I can barely move. WHY??????????? Getting old SUCKS! Looks like tomorrow I'll be taking it very easy.

On another note, the other night I hung my gallery wall. My husband would DIE if he knew how I did it. No measuring, no level, nothing. I laid the frames out on the floor the way I wanted them. Hung the big frame in the middle and eye balled the rest. EEK! It actually turned out pretty well! I'm sure if you sat and examined it, you would find it's not perfect. I'm happy though. I can't decide if i'm going to take the backs off all of them and leave the frames empty, or if I'm going to mix family pics with some fun pics of birds and flowers.. Thoughts?

These little guys are my FAVE! I found them at an antique store for 50 cents each. You can't fake an antique! Love them!!!

Don't you like my shadow? That's curteousy of the fact that there's only one light bulb in the corner of our large master bedroom. It's great... NOT. I wish we could paint the walls too, oh the joys of renting. Someday, someday. Until then, I'll make do with what I have. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


So, I like to shop. Ok, NO ONE is surprised by this. But, I try to always shop for good deals, and I always shop the end of season sales for the next year for my kids. My sister and I are amazing shopping partners. We find great sales and stock up! Well, somehow through the stress of the move, I had forgotten everything I'd bought for E for this year. I just pulled out the box to see what she has for Fall and Winter and I could have died.
E ALMOST has as many shoes as I do now. ;)
 And more pajamas than is even sane. I mean really, how many pairs of pajamas did I think she needed in size 2???? Apparently I need to keep better track of what I buy.. HOWEVER, I only bought her a few shirts and a few pairs of pants. I guess she's just going to wear a lot of jammies with shoes. Yeehaw!
PS, she had a HAY DAY when she saw all of these jammies and shoes. She's such a girl. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek at my gallery wall FINALLY coming to life. I bought these frames MONTHS ago and am just now painting them.. Can't wait to see how it looks in my room. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A new/old treasure

I went to Goodwill (shocker) with Shelley last night and didn't find anything! Which is a first for me. Then, when we were about to leave, I peeked at the books and found a 1960's copy of GONE WITH THE WIND! WHAT???? YES! Amazing! I LOVE Gone With the Wind. Confession: I'm the biggest nerd, ok, you all know that already. I have the whole set of collectors edition model barbies for Gone With the Wind. I would save all my babysitting money as a teenager to buy them. Funny, huh? This treasure now sits on my buffet with another treasure. When I was just a little girl, my parents gave me a copy of Little Women (another true love of mine), I have 3 sisters close in age (and 2 younger sisters) and my mom took us for a girls night out to see the movie Little Women and we couldn't stop talking about how we were just like them, and of course, I'm Beth, the sweet one that dies. Awesome. So many precious memories for me. I've kept this book safe for YEARS. Now I get to look at both of them daily. Love....
Anyone else have memories like this?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Coffee Table

I have been scheming trying this new technique for some time, I've just needed to clear out my garage enough that I could actually get to this coffee table. Yeah, my garage is super scary! Sometimes it doesn't pay off when I try something new, but tonight I think it did! What do you think?? Like it or hate it??

Before pic, I was trying to figure out how to do the bottom and my cute friend Shelley said "take it off!" I'm so glad I did!

Kind of cool, huh?

I wanted it to look old and used..

LOVE the top!

Hope someone else loves it as much as I do and BUYS it! ha ha. It's such a fun original piece and would make a great addition to any living room. I wish I had room for it...

GORGEOUS rose I found in our yard!

PS, the coffee table is $100!!!