Before and After Favorites

Sunday, September 18, 2011


So, I like to shop. Ok, NO ONE is surprised by this. But, I try to always shop for good deals, and I always shop the end of season sales for the next year for my kids. My sister and I are amazing shopping partners. We find great sales and stock up! Well, somehow through the stress of the move, I had forgotten everything I'd bought for E for this year. I just pulled out the box to see what she has for Fall and Winter and I could have died.
E ALMOST has as many shoes as I do now. ;)
 And more pajamas than is even sane. I mean really, how many pairs of pajamas did I think she needed in size 2???? Apparently I need to keep better track of what I buy.. HOWEVER, I only bought her a few shirts and a few pairs of pants. I guess she's just going to wear a lot of jammies with shoes. Yeehaw!
PS, she had a HAY DAY when she saw all of these jammies and shoes. She's such a girl. :)


  1. where did you get those??? That is awesome!!
    I am the same way. Addie for sure has as many shoes as I do. Andy thinks I am crazy.

  2. Ah man, that made me want to go hit some sales! Here's a sad confession- my older kids have TONS of clothes. I don't even want to admit how much we own. BUT poor 4th child... she has one pair of Converse that barely fit and a pair of saltwater sandals. So... if you don't want any of those shoes you bought for cheap last year, hit me up! :) I'm dying to find cute ones, but I can't bear to pay more for a size 5/6 toddler shoe than I do for my own! Yikes, I should have started shopping at the end of last year!