Before and After Favorites

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Finished Buffet

Last night I told my husband we were cleaning all morning today. Instead, I woke up, fed the kids breakfast, ate, and rushed outside to paint before it got too hot. Needless to say, my house is a MESS and now it's too hot to clean inside (we have no a/c). So, I'm going to sit on the couch in front of the fan and blog. ;) Lucky me!

  All sanded, ready to be taped off and primed..
 This is my little apprentice/helper Marissa. Isn't she cute? She helps me with my kids and with painting, we love her!

All taped and ready for the bottom part to be painted.

Staining. Lower pic, finished product..
Love these legs!

Now here's the dilemna I face with EVERY piece! I buy almost everything planning to sell it, then I finish it, fall in love and keep it! My house is FULL!! I love this... Do I keep it? If I do, the only place it will fit is in the entryway, then I have to find somewhere else for my pink dresser, or sell it and I LOVE my pink dresser. But I love this too...
What do you think? This in the entryway or the pink dresser..


  1. That's my favorite piece that you've done. I think you should keep it!

  2. Thanks Jen! Why haven't I seen more pics of your furniture???

  3. I like this piece a lot but I also think the pink adds a fun splash of color. Tough decisions.

  4. plain out GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    I'm speechless.....