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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oil Paintings

I am ENAMORED (see, I can use another word besides love, did I spell it right?) with OIL PAINTINGS!! They are the BEST! My Grandma is an amazing painter! I grew up with paintings all over the house, and now I want to fill mine up with them! So don't laugh, but the picture above (don't ask me why it uploaded sideways) is a painting I painted of Luke. ha ha. I took a class, and yes I need a LOT more practice.

I loaded my kids up in the car to head to the mall and said I'll just stop at Goodwill really quick. Yeah, we didn't make it to the mall..Whoops! I found these pics originally from Target. I wanted to buy them a while ago, but I didn't want to spend $28 on them. Got them at Goodwill for $6!!

A couple painting reprints in Emery's room.,.

This has always been my favorite. It's huge! I found it at a sidewalk sale for $35! Then I had my little brother frame it for me.. I LOVE it, Jake hates it. Are we surprised? He still let me put it on the fireplace mantel. So sweet...

I found this one at Goodwill the other day. I knew it wasn't amazing. Jake hates hates this one. I can't really decide what I think about it. What do you think???

And today, I found THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For SIX dollars! SIX!!!!!!!!!!! I grabbed it, protected it like it was my newborn baby, checked out and RAN home to paint the frame!

Who would GIVE this to Goodwill?? I could kiss whoever did! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!

Don't you love it with a white frame?? I'm smitten....... I'm thinking this one's going in my room.

I can't wait to find MORE!!!!!!!! What do you think??


  1. Love love love that last painting! Sweetest thing in the world.

  2. Oh, I love that last painting, too! Seriously, who gives something so adorable to Goodwill? I love the cute headboard you did, too- but I need a bed for a boy. :) You do great work! Come design my house anytime!