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Thursday, September 1, 2011

You know you're addicted to painting/furniture when...

1-You watch a movie and all you notice is all the amazing furniture and painting techniques.

2-You go to Victoria's Secret to buy a bra and you don't notice the nearly naked women on the walls because you're so enticed by the legs on the tables, the lamps, the french style benches and the shabby chic picture frames.

3-You start a blog on furniture and painting for no real reason, other than to have an outlet to express all your thoughts about it.

4-On a Friday night, you'd rather be sanding in pajamas than going out to dinner looking pretty.

5-You take your kids to Goodwill at least once a week hoping to find a painting treasure.

6-The amount of blogs you check on a daily basis is more than the amount of trips you take to the restroom.

7-You walk into your moms house and drool over all the furniture SCREAMING at you to paint it!

8-You see a piece of furniture and you think of it like a child, you wonder who it's been loved by, what it's been through, and all the reasons it's beautiful to you.

9-You dream about painting/furniture on a regular basis and wake up sad when you realize it was only a dream.

10-You check the weather to see if the next day will be a good painting day.

:) If you can relate to 5 or more of these, you're probably addicted, just like me.

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