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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Tale of Three Mirrors

I didn't think this blue mirror would be my favorite, but it totally is! I love the two toned look with the white paint showing through with the antiquing. The problem with painting to sell? I want to keep EVERYTHING!

 This mirror came with my French Provincial set. It was going in my master bedroom, but the lady that bought the set wanted the mirror too. Farewell friend...
 I love the lines of this mirror! I stuck with white so it would work in ANY house. I love it...

 I hope someone will lovingly cherish having these in their home.. Geez, they're mirrors. I get so attached to my pieces! They're like puppies to me. I want to keep ALL of them and display them all with pride. So hard to let go.......... Ok, I'll get over it now. Tomorrow a dresser I finished. And YES, I want to keep it soooo bad. But can I really switch entertainment consoles every month??????????????? I want to say yes. Let's see if I can talk the hubs into it...

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  1. so cute!!!! I love them all. How much do you sale your stuff for??
    I am wondering because I am wanting some night stands, but am having thee hardest time find anything in Vernal. This DI sucks and they NEVER have anything on KSL. If you found some and refinished them for me how much would you sale them for?? Maybe I could get the hubbster to buy them for Christmas.