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Monday, September 19, 2011

Gallery Wall

I thought I'd finish a couple projects today, while it's sunny. So I carried out two mirrors, a desk (with my hubbys help) and a bed and headboard. I sanded all of them. Finished one mirror, primed the desk and the other mirror. Then, I threw my back out. Now I can barely move. WHY??????????? Getting old SUCKS! Looks like tomorrow I'll be taking it very easy.

On another note, the other night I hung my gallery wall. My husband would DIE if he knew how I did it. No measuring, no level, nothing. I laid the frames out on the floor the way I wanted them. Hung the big frame in the middle and eye balled the rest. EEK! It actually turned out pretty well! I'm sure if you sat and examined it, you would find it's not perfect. I'm happy though. I can't decide if i'm going to take the backs off all of them and leave the frames empty, or if I'm going to mix family pics with some fun pics of birds and flowers.. Thoughts?

These little guys are my FAVE! I found them at an antique store for 50 cents each. You can't fake an antique! Love them!!!

Don't you like my shadow? That's curteousy of the fact that there's only one light bulb in the corner of our large master bedroom. It's great... NOT. I wish we could paint the walls too, oh the joys of renting. Someday, someday. Until then, I'll make do with what I have. :)

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