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Friday, September 30, 2011

Antiqued White Dresser

I found this bad boy and they were asking too much. Not to mention, the drawers didn't appear to have tracks and they were assorted in a maze. It looked ridiculous. After studying it, I found that all tracks were in place and sturdy and figured out the order the drawers SHOULD be in and knew it would be a beauty. After some bartering I got it for the price I wanted to pay. Love when that happens! For some reason the pics of the drawers is last, sorry. It won't move. ;)

 I wanted to stain the top, but after some sanding I discovered the top is actually MDF. :( So I decided to go with all white. Yeah, I didn't realize my feet were in this pic. LOL
 The hardware being painted.
 These are all the projects I had going on, and it's night. Don't paint at night. The next day I realized I'd missed several spots and had to re-do. Whoops

 Anyway, I am in love with how this dresser turned out!!! I want to keep it really bad...
 I love the hardware, the antiquing, everything.

One of my cute clients, Tina, bought this dresser. She's fabulous!!

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