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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How do you paint picture frames?

 Ok, I know I'm cheating! I should be posting final pics of the dresser I finished, BUT, it requires some man power to carry that heavy beast in the house so I can stage it to take pics and my hubby is BUSY! I guess that happens when you're in Residency... :) BUT, today I had a sweet friend ask me if she could paint over a black picture frame. Funny, I did JUST that the other night.
 I found this pretty picture frame and it was Black with GOLD trim. Not quite what I wanted. I wanted it to be robin egg blue, so I did what any girl would do and painted it.
 Then I glazed the detail in a walnut glaze.
 I also accented the cracks.
 It now hangs in that random cut out by our stairs. ;)
Our house is always changing. AND I LOVE IT! xoxo

*** Answer to the title, before painting picture frames rub down with vinegar to remove all grease and dirt. Prime with kilz primer, and paint. You can then antique it with sand paper and glaze with a gel stain. ;)

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