Before and After Favorites

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little peek

 I had to give you guys a little peek at the dresser I'm finishing up today. I l-o-v-e it. Whoa is me.
 I'm really hoping it sells fast, otherwise, I KNOW this one is staying.
 I planned on keeping it, but when I started sanding the top, I HAD to stain it and 3/4 of the furniture in my house has a stained top, so I decided to sell it. But I really love this one. It's another one perfect to my taste..
 I antiqued and did a light glaze to make the scroll work and features pop.
Beautiful stained top.. Oh boy. I think I'll start having people fill out adoption forms for the furniture they buy. Ok, that's a joke. But really, the day it's NOT hard for me to sell my furniture, is the day I've lost my love for it. Much love, hope you enjoy. ;) I'll post the rest of the pics when I'm done!


  1. PS, the color of the bottom is heirloom white, not bright white.

  2. I just knew this one would be amazing! It is so beautiful! And I totally get the whole adoption thing, i am finding it hard to sell the small pieces that aren't even that dear to me :)