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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Distressed White Dresser

 Before: Ok, all of the credit of this dresser goes to my sweet friend Lisa Sharp. She is awesome! I don't know her very well, but what I do know, I love. She's so kind! She has now given me TWO pieces of furniture. Before she takes furniture to Goodwill, she'll call me and see if I want it. Seriously, HOW NICE IS THAT????? She's awesome!
 As soon as I saw it, I felt like it would be perfect for a little girls room. I really wanted to paint it a light yellow, but I painted it with a client in mind and know she would love white. And honestly, can you EVER go wrong with white? I don't think so. I love it so much. PS, don't mind that it's in my garage, I'm a busy girl with little muscles and this thing is HEAVY!
 Recognize this hardware? I've used them before on my small green laptop station.
 I love old furniture like this piece. Why don't they make it with such amazing quality anymore?
 I only distressed it a little. Distressing is perfect for furniture in homes with young kids. They can run into it, scratch it and it doesn't matter. It will just look better and better from all the kiddie lovin'.
 This dresser has two small drawers, two lower drawers and three drawers behind the top two cupboards. So much storage in a smaller amount of space. Couldn't be more perfect!
And here it is! Awe sweet white and old furniture, the perfect combination. ;)

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