Before and After Favorites

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kyle & Clara's Bedroom Set!

 This is what my garage looked like on Friday. It was a little crazy! I painted the two dressers, two nightstands and two mirrors. I didn't get an after picture of the mirrors or the long dresser. I'm hoping Clara will send me some (hint, hint ;). This set was in great condition! Clara wanted them crisp white with rubbed bronze handles, and that's what she got! ;) I hope she loves them.
 I love this tall dresser. Great lines, adorable hardware, lots of storage. It's perfect!
 She wanted the insides to be white also, it was a lot of work, but I love how it turned out!
 Such cute little nightstands. I'm so happy that Kyle will have a place to put his laptop now! She told me they've been using little glass nightstands. Huge step up guys!
This set will look so great in their master bedroom! I can't wait to see them in person!

We have loved getting to know Clara and Kyle more and I really hope this set will last them for years to come..

PS, I'll be posting prices on the blog soon if you want some custom painting done. I won't be accepting too many clients, only because it's a lot for me and my kids. Thanks!


  1. Hey (Justine here) this is beautiful! The tall dresser they have is exactly what I'd like for my girls room... If you ever see something like that and remember me will you let me know. Iv searched Craigslist but can't find anything like that!