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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Props for Bluebird Pictures

 Gosh, I hate it when I forgot to take before pics. The one on the top is halfway through being primed. Sorry! This chair was plain jane dark brown before. I painted these two little projects for one of my all time favorite photographers, Bluebird! Seriously, she's amazing! I can't wait to see these cute chairs in some of her pics. I hope she loves them! This one is sage green. Sometimes my pics just really don't do my furniture justice. I'm working on it...
 I gave it a nice roughed up look. Love it..
 And then there's this cute little baby rocking chair. It's the perfect pale yellow. I think this is going to be the best picture prop for the stinkin' cute little toddlers she takes pics of!
 When yellow is the right shade, it's awesome. Don't you think?? Not too bright, not too mustardy.
By the way, Bluebirds blog address is HERE I might have to borrow the pics she takes in these cute chairs. I can't wait to see her creative genius at work. You're awesome Bree!!

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