Before and After Favorites

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I thought I'd post what will be at the boutique for those who have asked. I love to paint with color, but I thought I'd stick with white (since it looks good in EVERYONE'S house) for the boutique. Anyway, this is what will be there.

 I have to remind you I'm definitely not a photographer. I am MORTIFIED that some of these pictures are in my garage, and not well set up!!! Sorry!!!!

I'm also hoping to have another queen bed (headboard and footboard), another long dresser, and possibly 3 nightstands. I'll keep you posted!!


  1. Hey Sweetie! So I'm listing them by number by picture:)I tried to look up some comparable pieces on line. I'll give u a low, high, and my suggestion. I may be totally off but here's some ideas :) Good luck girlie!!!!- Melanie
    1. dresser $299- $799 ($499)
    2.twin bed $399 (yeah that was all i got....)
    3 &4 long dressers $449- $800 ($650)
    5. white desk $295-$424 ($375)
    6. white headboard $130-ish i paid this for emmas headboard
    7 &8 mirrors $100-300 ($205
    9. door headboard $150- $400 ($300)

  2. now that i just posted that and re-look at the could ask the high end prices cause they're sooooo good! I'm just so cheap and always finding a deal that i go towards the cheaper prices:)

  3. can i ask how you removed the hardware that doesn't have a screw on the back? i'm attempting to refinish a vanity for my daughter and can't figure it out. i am stumped and know it's a super-easy answer! thank you!

  4. The hardware of mine are always directly behind them on the inside of the drawers. Sometimes the screws are drilled in really far, so I always take the drawer out to find the hardware, it's MUCH easier that way. I would be really surprised if they glued on the hardware. If all else fails, pry it off, buy new hardware and drill new holes for it. :) Hope that helps!!