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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last piece for Boutique

 Isn't this the coolest antique cabinet? Even before the re-do...
 I've been saving this Lemon Pepper paint color for MONTHS, just waiting for the right piece..
 I heavily glazed and distressed it.
 I actually left the hardware with its original brassiness. It's perfect!
 I can see this in a hall. It would look soo good!
I love it! There's nothing like a unique piece of furniture to make your house stand out...This will be at the boutique on Saturday. Yay! I think I'm ALMOST done. I won't officially be done until every piece of furniture has sold! :)

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  1. That seriously looks soooo good. You have such an eye for this. I tried to re paint the baby's dresser/changing table and it looks like crap!!!!! You can totally see where the gloss finish is too thick. Boo hoo