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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

 Before Pics
Here's a couple of pics of our master bedroom (before we moved). Our master bedroom has been neglected for YEARS. I saved up and bought a beautiful bedroom set, and then never finished decorating it. Well, it's TIME!!!
The hubby and I have decided to set LOTS of goals for the winter. After all, it rains 8 months of the year here, so we need a lot to keep us sane. ;) For some reason, we have the most organized/clean friends in the world. You walk into all of their houses and they're always clean and all well organized. It's crazy!! Crazy AWESOME! So first goal, we are going to get organized! Two of my best friends packed up our master closet when we moved (Morgan and Jeni) and oh my goodness. I was MORTIFIED. As I unpack some of the boxes they packed I almost die. I hid EVERYTHING in the master closet. EVERYTHING. Not good. It's a good thing they loved me before that, otherwise I think they would have thought I was a psycho and not be my friends.
Therefore, Goal number one Organize, de-clutter EVERY room

Second, now that my garage is almost completely empty of furniture, (thanks to all of you incredible people who have bought it, PS Courtney has now bought EIGHT pieces, so flattering to me!!) I am going to start the hunt again and find more furniture to paint and sell. I have so many techniques and colors I'm anxious to try. So that is goal 2.

Goal three, eat healthy. My baby has been sick for a REALLY long time. Weeks. I can't help but wonder if we changed our diets and ate healthier, if my kids would be healthier. Makes sense, right? There's goal number three.

Fourth, exercise. I'm pretty good about working out, but I need a lot more cardio, and so do my kids and my husband. Family exercise.

Goal five, and in no particular order, spiritual time. We can always use more of this. Who couldn't?

Goal six, cut way back on our spending. I hid our credit card. I can't remember where I put it. Perfect, huh? It's time to do that crazy thing where you actually live within your means. Brilliant. I actually used to be a pro at this. I was so good that my husband called me the 'money nazi'. Well, sorry honey, but the money nazi is returning. It's all for good reasons though.

Ok, I think that's it. Thanks for humoring me and reading all of this. Back to the original post. I'm halfway through finishing my bedroom. A few more things in the next few days and I'll be ready to post the after pics. I'm really excited! It's so satisfying to actually finish a room, sit in it and think "wow, this looks good." We're getting there, room by room. I hope all of you make up some winter goals and please share! I love to hear how people are progressing. Love you all! I'm pretty sure I know everyone that reads my blog, and you are all amazing!


  1. Was that pic in your house in Lehi??? Cute Bedroom set. I love your goals. I have been trying to de-junk as well, I have to make room for this baby somewhere. I have also started working on my room here and there, but my biggest problem is money!! I have found some really awesome Ideas on Pintrest. Even as cheap as they are, it still takes money. I totally need to get on the Nazi train with you ha ha

  2. You are too funny. The bedroom really wasn't all that bad! (Alright...there was that present from Megdalynn & Shane that was a bit out there) haha Love the bedroom set though. It's darling! I can't wait to see the after pics. You are a decorating genius! Love you!