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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I've been up to...

I have 5 pieces of furniture in my garage just waiting to be painted. However, it's been raining a lot, and I don't know about you but I don't like to sand in the rain. Waiting and watching for a bit of sunshine to start painting again. Until then, I've been working on getting my house ORGANIZED. This is a HUGE undertaking for me. When my husband and I lived in a 900 square foot apartment with our son, I was so organized, because I HAD to be. After that, we bought a 2200 square foot house and we filled it up and became less organized, now we're renting a 2300 square foot house and I do NOT want to get less organized. So, I'm on a crazy quest! If you have great organizing ideas, send them my way!! Here's a few of the projects I've been up to...
 Whenever someone goes upstairs to use the bathroom, Jake and I both cringe and apologize profusely for the mess, ie. the kids bath toys. I just couldn't figure out what to put these toys in. Don't ask me why, is it really THAT hard? I hope no guys missed the toilet and peed on the toys. LOL
 Solution, a $1 basket at the Dollar Store. DUH Tonya. Sigh...
 This has been a LIFE SAVER. I waste so much time searching for papers, and we have MOUNDS of papers. So I grabbed an expanding file folder, labeled each section and in the papers we need to keep went. I bet I'll save 10 hours a year looking for papers bc of this thing. And now you can see the counter next to the sink. Haleluia!
 Under the sink. It explains itself...
 I bought 2 $1 buckets from the Dollar Store and in went the similar cleaners. This isn't beautiful, but does under the kitchen sink ever look beautiful? At least I can find stuff now!
 The other day I made up a list for Costco, the next day I was in a hurry to go and couldn't find my dang list anywhere! And of course, ended up forgetting things that I needed (and yet somehow still spent $200, oh Costco I love you and hate you!) Now, I know where my list is. I bought a stack of little notepads at the Dollar Store, stuck magnets on the back and there they are.. One for Costco, one for the Grocery Store.
 My laundry room, and yes it's laundry day, so the washer is running. Before you couldn't even see the tops of my washer and dryer. So embarassing! I cleaned up the whole room, organized it and now it's a functioning laundry room. Yay!
 There's counter space... Who knew???
 I got Emery's room completely organized. I started with her armoire. Her shoes are now organized according to size and season. No more digging through baskets trying to find which shoes fit her and which don't. THere's a basket for her hair things, a tight basket, a diaper cover basket, and a basket full of jammies she hasn't grown into. (the drawers are full).
 Her dolls now have a home in a large basket.
 The rest of her toys are in a large basket from Target.
The nightstand is now full of diapers and wipes.
Next up Lukes room, and as always, I'm STILL working on the Bonus Room. Believe it or not, it actually got worse. Progress, progress.. Until painting returns yay for organizing! Share your best/favorite tips with me!!

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  1. For your 'under the sink' area ... you can get the cool peel and stick linoleum tile squares from a hardware store ... they make the space look great & are easy to clean! :)