Before and After Favorites

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Master Bedroom & a Dresser

 Remember this before pic? This is the (Ugh, I just looked up and my daughter was coloring on a dresser with marker, this is a daily occurence BLAH!) Anyway, this is the sister dresser to the one in our Family Room.
 AFTER! I wanted it to have a much softer feel and to coordinate with my bedroom, so I decided to paint the hardware white and antique it also. It gives it a much softer feel, don't you think?
 I am a smitten kitten with this hardware. Seriously, I could go on and on about it.
 I even love these little guys. I'm so happy with how it turned out.
 I was telling a friend last night 80% of painting furniture is choosing the right colors for what you're wanting. I spend a LOT of time thinking about colors before I'll even touch something.
 So pretty... PS nothing I do is perfect, but it's perfect for me. If you don't like it, I'm okay with it, because I love it.
 I've been trying to add more tans and browns into my room. I'm really drawn to neutrals lately, and wanted a more neutral feeling room with hints of color.
 I found these candleholders at Goodwill for $10 (for all three!) I don't post prices of furniture on here, but I'm happy to post accessories. Anyway, they were an ugly cherry colored brown, so white they went..
 I slapped this sign together, literally. I barely even painted it and sanded it. I needed more texture in the room so I decided to add burlap.
 I love this picture frame. I just lined it with burlap too.
 I am obsessed with flowers, candles, picture frames and mirrors. It's very apparent in my bedroom.
 I love all the tall trees in our yard.
 This nightstand is part of the original bedroom set I bought.
 These candleholders were also from Goodwill ($6 for both) candles from the dollar store, sweet. Oh they were brassy gold, but not in a pretty way.
 I love my bed, big and soft. The bedding is from Kohls, the tan ruffle pillow from TJ Maxx, the white furry one from Kohls.
 This nightstand is the one piece I didn't sell. I decided it would be perfect in my room. Glad I kept it. The Jewelry box is from Goodwill ($4) it was an ugly cherry color. I need to remove the hardware on the nightstand and paint it white.
 I wanted a rustic shappy chic feel. Does this even exist? I don't know. But that's what i was aiming for, kind of. :)

 I love this picture of Christ and of the Sacred Grove. I bought these from Seagull Book. They're the first things I look at in the morning and the last things before I go to bed..
 This dresser was also part of the main set. The kids and I love watching a movie in my bed before we go to sleep.
 The revised gallery wall. This is the second one I've done in here. Sigh.. I hope it's the last. I love family pictures! I can't wait to get more in the Spring.
 This little mirror is my favorite find from Goodwill, ($4) it was originally silver, I love it!
 This mirror is also from Goodwill, it was a pain in the ars to paint, ha ha. It was gold leaf, no joke. Not real gold leaf, but still, such a pain. I loved the detail though and had to have it in my room.
There's my room! What do you think?

 I almost forgot! Remember the ugly green Wal-Mart special curtains I had before? I was asking my friend Jeni what to do with them and she said "floor length curtains". I'm so glad I listened! I found these brown curtains at TJ Maxx, they look SOOO much better. I love Emery's short length curtains in her room, but floor length add SO Much to mine! I had a cute black curtain rod, so I p ainted it white and the curtain holders..


  1. I agree with the floor length curtains in the bedroom, I am looking for some right now for our bedroom. I'll have to check TJMaxx. And the room looks amazing! Good work girl!

  2. That top dresser is my favorite so far. I wish I would have seen it earlier!