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Monday, November 28, 2011

Kaitlyns nightstand

 I have a minute, so I thought I'd post this nightstand before I forget. ;) I keep saying I'm not going to buy small pieces of furniture, but when I saw this nightstand I fell in love with the hardware. FLOWER hardware!! It had to be mine and it had to be pink. When Courtney saw it, she loved it too. I was so happy when she said she wanted it in pink.. This nightstand was meant to be hot pink. I didn't take a before pic, bad me! It was just blah brown.
 Normally I would antique it, but I've seen Kaitlyn's room and none of the furniture is antiqued, so I wanted it to go with the rest.
 However, I HAD to rough up the hardware, just a little.
 Seriously, cutest hardware EVER! This is PERFECT for a little girls room.
I hope Kaitlyn loves her new pink nightstand. ;)

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