Before and After Favorites

Monday, November 28, 2011

Courtney's Red Dresser

 Before. I have been dying to paint this dresser! It has been raining and raining here, so what did I do? Sanded in the rain, it wasn't that bad. It was kind of fun. I like the rain though. Then I got the first coat of paint on. The next day was Thanksgiving and I woke up with a numb arm and a pinched nerve in my neck. GRR. I was literally out of commission for 4 days. It's getting better, SLOWLY. Blah! Dang neck! Anyway, here it is! I hope my friend Courtney LOVES it. I painted it specifically for her. I want it to be perfect. Courtney has a HEART OF GOLD. She has 5 kids, and she's so tender and sweet with them and makes it look effortless.
 After! I really wanted to decorate it and make it look pretty before I posted after pics. But with a neck on the fritz and a husband on a busy rotation, this is what you get. ;)
 I love the two toned look and the rubbed bronze handles just complete it. I wanted this dresser to have a little more masculine feel. Originally I wanted to paint it a brighter red, but Courtney's hubby was a little iffy on that, ha ha. I was also going to glaze it, but I love the white poking through and didn't want to take away from that.
 Love the white with the wood.

 I'll have to have Courtney send pics of this in her room all decorated! I finished a hot pink nightstand for her daughter today. I'll post pics of that tomorrow. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Love love love it Tonya! My fave so far!

  2. You should try sanding with your left hand :) And you should buy a pop up tent so you can have some shelter over your head. What rotation is Jake on now?