Before and After Favorites

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Peek at what's next..

 I am drooling over all the detail yumminess on this dresser. When I die, I'm going to request a casket just like this. Okay, that is oober creepy. Forget that I said that. ha ha
I picked up some BEAUTIFUL dressers today. A tall dresser, long dresser, nightstand and mirror. I'm so excited to finish these! Here's a peek until I'm done. Please be patient with me! ha ha I have a LOT to do, like always. ;)


  1. Wow those are incredibly gorgeous! Good find! I love your room too. The mirrors are adoreable. I love a good mirror! It's so fun to see all your creations. :)

  2. I'm interested to see what you do with this dresser. My mom had one just like it growing up. Sadly, she got rid of it, but the bed headboard that matches is still in her basement!