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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Skinny Jeans!

 I have MAD LOVE for skinny jeans! When I was in Utah last, I searched for a light pair of skinny jeans. I have a few pair of darks and a few pair of blacks, but I can never find light ones! Today on pinterest I was thrilled when I found the solution. Here's a super simple tutorial of how to turn your flares into skinny jeans.
1-Turn jeans inside out, lay flared jeans on bottom, skinny on top, line up the crotch.
 2-I lined up the inner seam of the jeans
 3-Pin up to the knee where the skinny jeans are.
 4- Sew, if you can sew a straight line, you can do this.
 5-Right above the knee meet up with the original seam.
 6- Cut off the excess. You're done! I sewed 5 pairs of jeans in 45 minutes! And I can barely sew. ha ha I'm so glad I held onto all of my expensive pairs of flares. So happy to have new skinny jeans!
Tada!! Ok, so this blog is for painting, but sometimes I'll post things I absolutely love, like food. ;)

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  1. Awesome! You can also put the jeans on inside out and pin where the new hems will be. (if you are unsure in any way)